Responsible Luxury. Est.2003
British & Italian designed Eel Skin Handbags

Responsible Luxury

When Makki was born, we had the vision to offer a Luxury brand that did not negatively impact on this wonderful world we live in.

With this in mind, our Collection is designed in the UK & made with Eel Skin, which as well as being known for its softness, its durability & its strength, is also a by product of the food industry.

Joanne, the owner of Makki & Head Designer, lived in South Korea before the launch of Makki in 2003 where we produce our beautiful collection. Eel is eaten in Korea as chicken is eaten in the west & the skins we use are a by product of this food industry. Working with Eel Skin is a very technical & labourous process & our skilled manufacturers train for years & pass the skill of working with the Eel Skin through generations.

There are various grades of Eel Skin & at Makki we use the worlds finest. Each panel features variations which makes each design unique.

The ethical way in which we work can be seen in many aspects of our business.
Makki boasts a very close relationship with their manufacturers, with regular visits & design trips to create our wonderful Collections. We consistently pay fairly, upfront & monitor working conditions & hours.

Makki are also aware of the way they impact on the environment. They use acid free tissue paper & recycle for their orders where possible without compromising on the beautiful way orders are received.

We are very involved in the Ethical world of Fashion
Joanne was invited by The Ethical Fashion Forum to present a discussion on the Ethical issues within the Luxury Industry at Saddlers Wells.
We are endorsed by Positive Luxury as a brand who source, manufacture & retail products responsibly.  We are regularly featured on Ethical websites, blogs & in press.

We have been featured on the BBC for our ethical use of skins in the fashion industry.

In a world where disposable fashion using cheap labour & mass produced items is becoming the norm, Makki offers the consumer, fashion with a conscience.